How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

Technology is altering at a fast speed, and things we utilized to keep for 15 or 20 years are getting changed earlier, due to smart innovation. New technology should be a portion of your repair or replacement analysis for any appliance due to more energy-efficient brand names coming to the marketplace.

Fortunately about needing to replace any appliance is that new models are normally more energy-efficient, and these get utilized 24/7. Therefore, you will save money on energy that could begin paying for your new appliance instantly.

Professional repairing a refrigerator repair

The average cost for the majority of appliance repairs is $175, and the common range is from $50– $500. 3 common elements affect just how much you will pay labor, service charge, and parts.

Although repair service technicians normally charge $50– $150 per hour, many small appliance repair takes less than one hour. Therefore, you will frequently pay their minimum service cost.

Repair or Replacement Cost Factors

Undoubtedly, if it will cost more to repair an appliance than to replace it (unless there’s some nostalgic value), then replacement is a no-brainer. The new appliance will rather likely be more energy-efficient and cost less to run. However, it’s not constantly that cut-and-dried.

In some cases finding a replacement system that fits a custom opening may be tough. This is specifically real for integrated ovens, ranges, and refrigerators that do not adhere to a standard size. In these cases, repair makes a lot of sense to prevent costly repair work and restoration to surrounding decoration.

When the expense of repair is less than replacement, a great general rule is to consider a repair when the price is less than half of the expense of a new unit.

In any case, deciding will require a price quote of the repair cost before progressing.

Typical Appliance Repair Costs

Although the average home has many home appliances, and any of which could require repair, we will have a look at a few of the more regular and pricey repairs.


Built-in refrigerator-freezers are generally more affordable to repair than replace. It is typically challenging to find another the exact same size so the replacement might require repair work to surrounding walls, floors, and ceilings.

Consumer Reports suggests replacing a refrigerator if the repair price is majority the rate of a new one, or the system is more than 10 years old.

In Spite Of what Consumer Reports suggests, changing a side-by-side refrigerator-freezer might be less costly than fixing it after eight years and those with a freezer on the bottom, after 7 years.

Refrigerator-freezers with a leading freezer are likewise financially much better replaced after seven years because new designs are far more energy-efficient. Nevertheless, house owners should still compare the repair rate versus replacement.

The typical repair cost range is $230– $300. Though the real price will depend on the repair required, the brand name, and the local labor expense. If you hear clicking buzzing, or humming noises or the fridge does not cool, you might have a defective compressor. These parts are generally $20– $200.

The most typical repair work associate with automated ice makers and expense in between $200 and $350 to repair.


The most frequent issues with freezers are the evaporator fan motors. Those repairs usually cost $200– $250. Freezers generally last a lot longer than refrigerators because the door gets opened fewer times than a refrigerator; thus, it remains chillier longer.

Dishwashing Machines or Food Disposals

The average cost for dishwasher repairs is $160, and $150 for food disposals. The reason for this is practically all charge a minimum service fee. Be sure to check the circuit breaker before your service call. You do not desire to pay somebody $150– $160 to come and flip a switch.

Sometimes, when a dishwasher is not working, you may have a larger plumbing concern and might need to hire a plumbing technician. Inspect our pipes expense guide for details, but the normal rate per hour is $50– $150.

Washing Machine

The quicker you get your washing machine repaired, the more affordable it will be. Hesitating on repairs will likely need trips to the laundromat and lots of quarters.

Repairs usually cost between $125 and $250, depending upon what failed. A typical service call charge is $50– $150 so even something as trivial as changing a belt will cost for the service call, the belt, and labor.


Repair work to an electric dryer run in between $150 and $350, however gas dryers will cost $50– $100 more. You must not worry over the additional cost to repair a gas dryer, as you have actually been paying much less to run it than the house owner with an electric dryer repair. Gas dryer parts that regularly break are igniters, gas valves, flame sensing units, and thermal fuses.

Electric dryer belts cost about $200 for a professional replacement. When your budget is tight, ask the repair workers about using used parts; particularly for older designs that you plan to change in a year or 2.

Gas/Electric Range

You might discover any number of problems with a range during the time you own it. Usually, the oven does not warm up, the door won’t open/close, a burner is out, a gauge stops working, or it gets too hot.

Numerous of these issues are quickly identified and fixed, so you will typically wind up paying just the service fee and parts. Depending upon the part broken or harmed, a gas grill, range and oven, or electrical cooktop, the typical repair is $100– $200.

Built-in Oven

Integrated ovens are typically tough to replace since the opening in the cabinet is made specifically for the existing unit, needing cabinet modification in a lot of cases to replace.

Repairs are more tough when they need getting rid of the system from the cabinet. The typical cost of repair is $100– $200.

The most typical parts that need to be replaced are heating up components, gaskets, and the door.

Hot water heater

Water heaters are another common home appliance that has a specific repair expense guide. Although the nationwide average is $500 for hot water heater repairs, that’s far less than the $1,100 average hot water heater replacement cost.

Getting Repair Estimates

Whenever you have a concern with an appliance, check the apparent first: Is there power? Check the power cord, the circuit breaker, the water turned off, etc. When you know it is the appliance, examine the guarantee. If your appliance is still under regular or extended warranty, the repair might be free.

If you’ve decided to repair the system, then you can frequently discover appliance repair specialists by asking the manufacturer, asking your network for referrals, or doing a web for extremely examined technicians in your area.

All pricing details on this page is based on average industry expenses, and is subject to variance for project-specific products, labor rates, and requirements.

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